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CUPS 2.1.3 (February 5, 2016)
  • The default password function did not work on some platforms (STR #4750)
  • The scheduler should not exit under memory pressure (<rdar://problem/23255001>)
  • The EPL2 and ZPL sample drivers did not properly support the CutMedia option.
  • Pending subscriptions would prevent the scheduler from idle exiting (STR #4754)
  • Fixed some issues in ipptool for skipped tests (<rdar://problem/24137160>)
  • The "lp -H resume" command did not reset the "job-state-reasons" attribute value (STR #4752)
  • The scheduler did not allow access to resource files (icons, etc.) when the web interface was disabled (STR #4755)
  • Localization fix (STR #4756)

CUPS 2.1.2 (December 2, 2015)

  • Re-release of CUPS 2.1.1 as CUPS 2.1.2 due to error in tagging of the 2.1.1 release (pulled content from the 2.2.x tree instead)

CUPS 2.1.1 WITHDRAWN (November 30, 2015)

  • Security hardening fixes (<rdar://problem/23131948>, <rdar://problem/23132108>, <rdar://problem/23132353>, <rdar://problem/23132803>, <rdar://problem/23133230>, <rdar://problem/23133393>, <rdar://problem/23133466>, <rdar://problem/23133833>, <rdar://problem/23133998>, <rdar://problem/23134228>, <rdar://problem/23134299>, <rdar://problem/23134356>, <rdar://problem/23134415>, <rdar://problem/23134506>, <rdar://problem/23135066>, <rdar://problem/23135122>, <rdar://problem/23135207>, <rdar://problem/23144290>, <rdar://problem/23144358>, <rdar://problem/23144461>)
  • The cupsGetPPD* functions did not work with IPP printers (STR #4725)
  • Some older HP LaserJet printers need a delayed close when printing using the libusb-based USB backend (STR #4549)
  • The libusb-based USB backend did not unload the kernel usblp module if it was preventing the backend from accessing the printer (STR #4707)
  • Current Primera printers were incorrectly reported as Fargo printers (STR #4708)
  • The IPP backend did not always handle jobs getting canceled at the printer (<rdar://problem/22716820>)
  • Scheduler logging change (STR #4728)
  • Added USB quirk for Canon MP530 (STR #4730)
  • The scheduler did not deliver job notifications for jobs submitted to classes (STR #4733)
  • Changing the printer-is-shared value for a remote queue did not produce an error (STR #4738)
  • The IPP backend incorrectly included the job-password attribute in Validate-Job requests (<rdar://problem/23531939>)
  • Updated localizations (STR #4709)

CUPS 2.1.0 (August 31, 2015)

  • Fixed more scheduler crash bugs in the new logging code (STR #4687, STR #4690)
  • The scheduler did not use the ConfigFilePerm setting when copying PPD files or interface scripts attached to a request (STR #4703)
  • Now support new Chinese locale IDs and their correct fallback locales (<rdar://problem/22086642>, <rdar://problem/22130168>)
  • "make check" incorrectly reported an expectation of 18 warning messages when 8 were expected (STR #4684)
  • The new PDF file type rule did not work (STR #4692)
  • The scheduler did not update the jobs.cache file when job files were expired (STR #4706)
  • Fixed some configure script issues (STR #4694, STR #4695, STR #4698)
  • Documentation updates (STR #4691, STR #4693)

CUPS 2.1rc1 (July 31, 2015)

  • Added support for 3D printers (basic types only, no built-in filters) based on PWG white paper.
  • Fixed bugs in the new journald support (STR #4655, STR #4658, STR #4661)
  • Fixed domain socket support on Linux (STR #4679)
  • Fixed signal handlers in the dnssd and usb backends (STR #4671)
  • <Limit All> in <Policy> sections now applies to all operations when used by itself (STR #4659)
  • Configure script changes for systemd support (STR #4669)
  • Updated autoconf sources to use newer form of AC_INIT (STR #4664)

CUPS 2.1b1 (June 8, 2015)

  • Improved speed of ppdMarkDefaults for complex/large PPDs (<rdar://problem/15146999>)
  • The IPP backend now stops sending print data if the printer indicates the job has been aborted or canceled (<rdar://problem/17837631>)
  • The IPP backend now sends the job-pages-per-set attribute when printing multiple copy jobs with finishings (<rdar://problem/16792757>)
  • The IPP backend now updates the cupsMandatory values when the printer configuration changes (<rdar://problem/18126570>)
  • No longer install banner files since third-party banner filters now supply their own (STR #4518)
  • Added support for EXPECT-ALL directive in ipptool test files (STR #4469)
  • Added support for WITH-VALUE-FROM predicate in ipptool test files (STR #4470)
  • The scheduler no longer listens on the loopback interface unless the web interface or printer sharing are enabled (<rdar://problem/9136448>)
  • Added a PPD generator for IPP Everywhere printers (STR #4258)
  • Now install "default" versions of more configuration files (<rdar://problem/19024491>)
  • The cupstestppd program did not handle "maxsize(nnn)" entries in cupsFilter/cupsFilter2 values (<rdar://problem/18974858>)
  • The scheduler now checks the return value of rename() calls (STR #4589)
  • The scheduler now validates ErrorPolicy values in config files (STR #4591)
  • Long cookies caused the web interface to stop working (STR #4619)
  • Added SSLOptions values to allow Diffie-Hellman key exchange and disable TLS/1.0 support.
  • Updated the scheduler to support more IPP Everywhere attributes (STR #4630)
  • The scheduler now supports advanced ASL and journald logging when "syslog" output is configured (STR #4474)
  • The scheduler now supports logging to stderr when running in the foreground (STR #4505)