Last Updated Nov 14, 2014

This page provides a dynamic look at all open Software Trouble Reports ("STRs") that have been filed on the Bug List page. If you would like to contribute code to implement/fix any of the STRs below, please consult the CUPS Developer Guide for the coding standards we follow and then post your changes to the corresponding STR.

Approximate CUPS release schedule:

Note: All dates and versions are approximate and subject to change.
Feb 2015Mar 2015Jun 2015

CUPS 2.0

CUPS 2.0 is the current stable branch. Bug fix (patch) releases will come out approximately every 6-8 weeks as needed.

4528~/.cups/client.conf SeverName is never read  1UNKN
4539cups client ignores ServerName directiveUNKN
4560str4405.patch does only work partly (lpstat sometimes has not up to date job hold/resume info)  2UNKN
4561Option -h for lp does not override CUPS_SERVER definition  1UNKN
4563Matching of hostnames does not deal with trailing periodHIGH
4526no need for OpenBSD posix_spawn workaround anymoreMOD
4508Dynamic library loading from other directories than /usr/lib is denied by sandbox on Mac OS X 10.10LOW
4515ipptool hangs in http_read despite timeout (-T 10)LOW
4521cupsd takes 100% CPULOW
4524Japanese Translation for CUPS 2.0  1LOW
4538web interface: certain actions yield blank pages  1LOW
4549Long delay before printing last page on HP LaserJet 1150/1300/1320 (usb backend)LOW

CUPS 2.1

CUPS 2.1 is the current development branch.

4096cupsCopyDestConflicts and cupsEncodeOptions* do not handle collection attributesMOD
4469Add EXPECT-ALL directive to ipptoolMOD
4470Add WITH-VALUE-FROM "attribute" syntaxMOD
4323Add raw remote printer with class fails  1LOW
4348Handling multiple files of varying formats in CUPS  1LOW
4394cupsd crashed with SIGSEGV in cupsdSaveAllJobs() functionLOW
1617Add SSL/TLS certificate client authenticationRFE
4070HostNameLookups Double giving IP lookup failed - connection from localhost closed  1RFE
4188Add NOT-EXPECT and NOT-STATUS directivesRFE
4189Add support for compound value testsRFE
4258Add IPP Everywhere PPD generatorRFE
4266Add pwgto... filters to make CUPS emulating an IPP Everywhere printer completelyRFE
4428Add IPP attributes required by IPP Everywhere for PWG Raster when PWG Raster as input format is supported  1RFE
4437Allow de-spooling/processing of multiple jobs to a single printerRFE
4474Implement enhanced logging using journald/asld  2RFE
4505No way of logging to stdout/stderr when run with -fRFE

CUPS -feature

The -feature branch contains features that have not yet been scheduled for a release.

4507FR: Summary of every job to be added to ErrorLogUNKN
4562lpstat cannot show all attributes that the web interface can showUNKN
4252charset cannot be specified by document-format in Send-DocumentLOW
4316Web interface "location" field not pre-filledLOW
493Assigning priorities to printers in a classRFE
542Add class-type for classesRFE
858intelligent load balancing, or feature-based load balancingRFE
1240Printer redirectRFE
2896Applications need to be able to list and retreive installed ICC profilesRFE
2930Implement the --version and --help options in the cups toolsRFE
3092Add support for printer list filtering  1RFE
3168Make `lp -i' able to restart a job with a job-hold-until attributeRFE
3199cups-lpd receives print file before establishing it can create a job on the cupsd  2RFE
3282Web interface to allow input of message to explain why queue has been stoppedRFE
3323Transition legacy locale names to official onesRFE
3365new printer support working, Tyco label printer  1RFE
3483Add FixPermissions directiveRFE
3604Add/update P2600/ISO 27001 audit events for cupsd  1RFE
3618Generate self-signed certificate at start-up?RFE
3736Allow ACLs based on domain socketsRFE
3767Support for Zebra Technologies Kiosk Printers in CUPS  3RFE
3777"Share this printer" not checked when DefaultShared Yes in cupsd.confRFE
3793 /usr/share/cups/profile/ is not a standard search path for profiles on LinuxRFE
3819Performance enhancement for IPP-Get-Jobs  1RFE
4039Support intermediate certificate authority fileRFE
4041Template keywords are visible in some configurationsRFE
4094Large PJL header from Xerox MacOS X and Windows drivers  1RFE
4150TBCP quoting broken in combination with PJLRFE
4160Datamax DPL Based Label Printer Filter  3RFE
4238Separate configuration (printers.conf) and state (printers.state?)RFE
4294Fix cups-config to not cause overlinking when using shared libs  1RFE
4404Add option in lpstat/lpq to view job's priorityRFE
4413Implementation of IPP "Promote-Job" and "Schedule-Job-After" (RFC 3998)RFE
4467FR: Throttle misbehaving CUPS clientsRFE
4486Search in Printers does not return connection type or IP address of printerRFE
4498Documentation - Document usage of cupsFilter2 and IPP options passed to ipp backendRFE