30 Jul 2014CUPS 2.0b1

CUPS 2.0b1 is the first beta release of CUPS 2.0. The focus of this major release is mainly on performance and security improvements.

The CUPS library now provides a complete set of APIs for implementing HTTP and IPP services, and the scheduler uses those APIs to provide a modest code size reduction and corresponding improvement in performance. The scheduler is now also launched on demand on Linux, so for most users cupsd will only be running if something is being printed.

SSL/TLS support has been largely re-written to support certificate validation and policy enforcement, and on the server side we can now use different certificates depending on the hostname used. OpenSSL support has been dropped for a number of technical and security reasons.

IPP Everywhere support has been expanded to support long-edge feed printers and automatic retries using PWG Raster as needed. Finally, the ipptool utility has been updated with features needed to support IPP Everywhere printer self-certification.

We hope to release CUPS 2.0 in the coming months. Please let us know if you run into any issues with this beta release via the Bugs page at:


Changes from CUPS 1.7.5 include: