Reporting Bugs

While we do everything we can to make CUPS bug-free, it may not always work as expected. When this happen we want you to file a report of the issue, including information such as the operating system or Linux distribution you are using, the printers and/or applications that are affected, and configuration and/or log files to help us reproduce the issue and come up with a fix.

Security Bugs

Apple CUPS security bugs should be sent to, which is the dedicated address for security reports at Apple.

macOS Bugs

Bugs in macOS software (System Preferences, Print dialog, Printer window, or the version of CUPS included with macOS) should be reported to Apple at

Linux/Printer Driver Bugs

Bugs in Linux software or printer drivers should be reported to the Linux distributor, the OpenPrinting CUPS and cups-filters projects, or the printer driver developer.

Other Bugs

Any bug in the Apple CUPS software itself that does not involve a security vulnerability should be reported to the Apple CUPS Github Issue Tracker. Pull requests are also welcome!

Note: Please report all security bugs to and not using the Github issue tracker. Github does not offer “private” issues so any issues reported on Github are instantly visible to everyone.